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January 13 2019




She tried it lmfaooo

Oh my goddddddd


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you are awesome!
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January 10 2019


Wow oh my god. A different era.

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Second place

January 01 2019










did nasa just forget bi and lesbians exist or did they ask them beforehand..would they that…i just..what..

its because they don’t want people getting pregnant on space missions, the article is badly written

scissoring in space is to be expected and respected

Sorry straighties space is for the gays only now🤷🏼‍♂️

‘Scissoring in space’ Bahahahahahahaha! I love it.

December 31 2018



i was looking at old photos and i wanted to show you how our story went, a little

bronwyn and i met at age 12 but i dont have any photos from then, really, but this is from grade 9 science class when we were being goofs and i was 13


this is from our first ever sleepover, we couldn’t stop laughing and we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor and we went to boston pizza and got plastic rings that we both still have (bronwyn kept hers on a necklace after that)


i went to bronwyn’s cottage for the first time in the summer after grade 9


we had our first kiss in grade 10 when i was 14 and were in a weird kind of dating limbo period


then i moved to the states and turned 15 and told bronwyn i was in love with her and we visited every chance we could and she sent me flowers and packages


then i went to junior prom with her and bronwyn cut her hair


then we had the most beautiful summer where i spent 5 weeks at her cottage and i cut my hair


then i went back to miami for 12th grade and turned 16 and bronwyn was 17 and we went to senior prom together


then i moved back to canada for university when i was turning 17 and we finally lived in the same place again and we loved each other so much and got breakfast together every day


then after a beautiful summer we started living together when i was 18 and bronwyn was 19  and we went to bahrain together and bronwyn dyed her hair brown and now i get to see her every morning and every night and we adventure in our city and have a coffee shop and love each other more than i could have thought. there were periods of scary intense darkness but we love each other so much and i’ve never been happier. i’ve known bronwyn since i was 12 and now i’m almost 19 and i love her more and more.


i’m never on here anymore, but i wanted to share that almost a month ago bronwyn and i got engaged!! under a beautiful tree on a perfect day and for the rest of my life i get to pursue her and care for her and make her laugh. i’ve said this so many times but now more than ever: if this is all i get, it’s so much more than i could have hoped for.



rupaul: shows up in the ugliest fucking suit I’ve ever seen
the queens:

They’re legally required to or I amputate their toes


technician: good news, doctor!  we’ve successfully captured and/or created a deadly mutant space creature.

scientist: fantastic work, recruit.

technician: thank you, sir!  what do you want us to do with it now?

scientist: put it in my hollow glass cylinder filled with blue-green fluid and connect one or more thin plastic pipes to its body.

technician: do you want us to occasionally blow some air bubbles upward through the liquid?

scientist: abso-fucking-lutely i do

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anybody else horning over him in Stranger Things??


clean cut is the new sexy

I’ve lusted for this man for eons. Stranger things just showed me he is aging well and still 1000% shaggable and/or cuddleable.


Voice from Bird Box: “I got a 10 inch dick”


December 26 2018








I’m going to rewrite the harry potter series and it’s going to be called Hermione Granger and The Glorious Glock where she gets a gun and shoots voldemort through the skull and then everyone is free to continue their education in peace. It’ll be 3.5 pages long. 

they’re in Great Britain
where in the world is an 11-year-old black girl going to get a gun

the store

Britain isn’t America. You can’t just walk into a random supermarket and buy a ton of guns. In fact, a gun is several hundred pounds each due to you needing to have a separate license for each one. Then you also need to have it where no one could accidentally find it and if anyone apart from you knows where the gun is, you lose your license and gun. I think it has to be locked up in a position no one will ever find it in.

Pretty much, an eleven year old kid is not gonna get a gun in Britain.

she goes to a wizard school with a three headed dog in the broom closet.

Hermoine isn’t black???

Yes she is, page 1 line one of Hermione Granger and the Glorious Glock reads “Hermione Granger took her black ass to school” nice try racist. 

How To Name Your D&D Tavern




The [Disgusting Adjective] [Normal Noun]

The Sloppy Joe

The Moist Towelette





*kicks the door in of an alt-right’s house and let’s myself in*

haha, what the fuck is this? your “safe space”?

That sounds like a good way to get shot

lol what are you, a gun cuck?
can’t kill a man with your own hands?

this is my FAVORITE post please write “what are you, a gun cuck?” on my tombstone

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me: h-

blonde republican women:




I guess now I can open tumblr in public

The quality of that gif omg lol

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